Dual FPDM Conversion

When upgrading to a pair of high capacity fuel pumps, a stock FPDM may be pushed into thermal shutdown. A dual FPDM conversion allows a pair of pumps to be driven by individual FPDMs thus reducing the load each FPDM handles.


Extra stock FPDM with mounting hardware
All used FPDM are tested to ensure they work and do not issue any codes. Does not come with FPDM bracket.

Only 39.95! (Payment via Zelle to shop @ black306.com; excluding spaces)



Dual FPDM stand-alone wiring harness*
A stand-alone dual FPDM conversion harness that is as plug-n-play as possible. A person would only need to route the 2nd pair of FPDM-to-pump wires and power from the battery to the trunk. That’s it; no other connections required. Easiest to install option. Also includes 10’/ea of red and black wire for the 2nd FPDM-to-pump connection, 2 pin connector, and a new 30A relay. Does not include a battery-to-trunk connection or an additional FPDM.


Dual FPDM wiring kit
Designed as a low-cost option that taps into the stock wiring harness and make it easy to setup the proper connections.  People claiming they are not good with wiring find this kit easy to install!  Comes with a used FPDM, FPDM plug, new 30A relay, FPDM mounting hardware, 10’/ea of red and black wire for the 2nd FPDM-to-pump connection, 2 pin connector, and preassembled wiring to set up the two FPDMs.  NO CUTTING OR SOLDERING OF THE STOCK WIRES!!


Power Wire Upgrade Kit (dual FPDM)
This upgrade is required when installing a dual FPDM conversion kit or harness. Capable of supplying a continuous 30A load. Includes a weather resistant fuse holder, 30A mini fuse, 15′ of 10ga wire, and terminals. Designed to be installed on the engine bay fuse panel main power stud. Ring terminal, fuse holder, and wire all soldered together and sealed with shrink tubing. Only the trunk end spade terminal needs to installed after the wire is routed through the car. Does not include relay or relay connections; relay and connections are included with dual FPDM offerings.


* – Dual FPDM conversion harness are built to order. Typically takes approximately 2 weeks for delivery. Please contact us for availability. UPDATE (November 2021): Ford has discontinued the parts needed to make conversions possible and it has become exceedingly difficult/expensive to provide a dual FPDM conversion harness or kits. Unfortunately, they can no longer be offered on a regular basis and have been discontinued.